A Cunning Plan

It’s bulb planting time.

As regular readers will recall, I’ve had little success with bulbs to date. Every single one that I’ve planted since we’ve been here has been eaten by mice. And for me that’s rather a shame, for a garden bereft of spring bulbs is a sorry thing indeed.

The tally of mice having scuttled the wrong way around the back of terrace bed now stands at 42 and yet still the damage goes on. Over the summer all of my new acquisitions and everything I’ve moved has been undermined. Sometimes I can just push back a rootball and the surrounding soil and all will be well. But bulbs and tubers are invariably consumed. My theory is that rodents are attracted by the newly disturbed soil. Hence the cunning plan. I sunk a test wire mesh cage back in Spring and so far it does seem to have gone undisturbed. Workshop production has been stepped up.



Mike’s latest design.


The AW2015 version achieves a level of sophistication again. It sports a strengthened upper edge and even a lid.

The plan is to bury the bulbs inside the cage and then, just under the soil surface, attach the lid. I can bend the little prongs under the top edge of the cage itself to make sure that it stays on tight, protecting the bulbs on all sides until they start to grow. And then in Spring we can carefully remove the lids with minimal disturbance to the soil.


Could it work? Might I even have bulbs blooming in the garden next year?

Just call me Baldrick.