A Strange Thing Happened At The Dump..


Recently refurbished alpine sink


There’s at least a weekly trip to the dump. Sometimes more often than that. Given the size and derelict state of jardin rusty duck we’ve long since exceeded the capacity of the compost bins and had yet more sacks of garden waste to dispose of. On the latest journey I mentioned to Mike that I’d been thinking about protecting the newly replanted alpine sink from the worst of the winter wet. The planting hasn’t been an unqualified success in recent years, mainly because it gets waterlogged in spite of the soil being supplemented by bucket loads of grit. What it needed was some sort of cover. See through to let in light.

Mike backed into the parking bay at the dump and started offloading the bags. There was the usual tortuous process of splitting each plastic sack open, tipping the green stuff into one skip and then hiking over to another on the far side of the site to recycle the bag. Just as we were about to leave a car pulled into the adjacent bay. And what was the first thing its owner removed from the boot? A large sheet of perspex. And yes of course he would let us have it. Mike was beaming from ear to ear. Perspex, apparently, does not come cheap.

For the next few days the sound of a belt saw rumbled round the valley, along with drilling, sanding and screwing.

But look what has emerged..



There is an ongoing debate between him and me as to whether it needs sides. I do think the left side, facing the prevailing wind, needs a bit of extra protection from driving rain.


And it doesn’t end there…



The piglet feeding trough has got one too!