Singer In The Rain


Campanula cochleariifolia ‘Elizabeth Oliver’


Wind and rain this weekend. So much for our plans to get moving on ‘The Heap’ and start the weeding up on the bank. Clay soil is heavy when wet and it’s not much fun slip sliding down steep muddy slopes either. So I had to settle for a gentler pursuit.



Many years ago we bought an alpine sink. It’s never been a great success, mainly because I’ve been neglectful in maintaining it. This is just a fraction of the undesirable vegetation that has now emerged. Ivy, grasses, moss. And perhaps most telling of all, Alchemilla mollis. Left to seed and flourish unchecked. Not many of the original alpines survived.

But lo! A shopping opportunity in the offing I hear you say.



And indeed you would be right. It looks so much better now.



Erodium reichardii


I also received, a few years ago, an unusual birthday present from Mike. A piglet feeding trough. We drilled several holes in the bottom and transformed it into a planter. But it looked a bit insignificant sitting on the ground so the search began for some sort of stand. Antique hunting in Hungerford, Berkshire, a few weeks later we came up trumps.




I’ve done some weeding and replanting on this one too.



 Campanula x wockei ‘Puck’



There were two alpines left over. One of which was chosen by Mike. I should have checked the label before we left the shop.



But they look OK in their terracotta pots. And this way I’ll be able to bring them inside for the winter..