Why I Write

A number of ‘Why I Write’ posts have been popping up recently and I’ve been pondering joining in for a while.

It was Sue’s open invitation on The Quince Tree that finally prompted some action. And having just clocked up two years of writing the time seems right.




What am I working on? 


It started out as an idea for a book. ‘Professional couple pack in jobs, up sticks and move to the country to find a simpler life’. An overcrowded genre maybe, but one that we were living through for better or worse. I’d researched getting published and one of the most oft-occurring bits of advice was to establish a presence online, such as starting up a blog. Well, I had enough to talk about and for a little while at least I had the time. In a flurry of dust and locked into that fateful embrace with a tree trunk Mike had just found the hard way to the bottom of the Precipitous Bank. A few cracked ribs later, most of the projects we had planned were on indefinite hold.

Little did I know the blog would take on a life of its own. As many readers will agree, blogging is intensely time consuming but rather addictive too. The book may still happen. One day. It progresses it fits and starts and at the moment not even that. It’s gardening season and free time is spent outdoors. Perhaps come winter I’ll start it up again.




How does my writing differ from others in my genre? 


I don’t think it does. There are many excellent blogs out there doing much the same as me. Our work around the house and garden is often best expressed through photographs. And so, of course, is the occasional day out. But I try to balance picture heavy posts with some that have more of a story to tell.

In common with most people, my life has its ups and downs. It isn’t always as idyllic as it may perhaps appear. But I take the view that you may have your own crosses to bear and you don’t necessarily want to come here and read about mine. The things I choose to write about are the little things that make me laugh and I hope will give you a chuckle too, or at least send you away wearing a wry smile.



Rudbeckia. There were flowers there yesterday..

So was the deer.


You have to laugh, or else you’d cry. And laughter contributes to longevity, or so they say.




Why do I write what I do? 


I write because I enjoy it, I blog for the interaction and to be part of the community. Far more than I’d ever get from writing and publishing a book. I love the comments that start a conversation and let me feel I am getting to know the person at the other end. Even if that person might live on the other side of the world. Blogging makes us realise just how small our planet is and yet still so diverse.

How cool is this, which happened a couple of days ago: Eleanor hits the publish button in St Helena, a tiny speck of rock in the middle of the Atlantic that can only be reached by a sea crossing of several days. Minutes later I can add a comment from a car bombing down the A30 somewhere near the middle of Bodmin Moor. It isn’t always so. Down here, superfast broadband would be any improvement over having time to make a coffee while waiting for the page to load. And mobile signal is patchy to say the least. It may be tortuous to use sometimes but what technology has given us is wonderful indeed.

The blog statistics suggest that many more people read rusty duck than comment and that is great. But if you ever want to join in and are nervous about doing so, please don’t be. I really would love to ‘meet’ you too.



How does my writing process work? 


Someone else said this, I believe it was Anne… what process?

It feels right to be aiming for a couple of posts a week. More than that and I’d be struggling for things to say, especially at this time of year. Continual garden weeding does not scintillating copy make. There are a couple of regular monthly memes that I contribute to but other than that there’s no real structure or anything faintly resembling a plan. I write when I have something I think is worth writing about.

What I’ll always try to do is sleep on a post. The middle of the night is the most creative time for me, when the mind is drifting in or out of sleep, not focused on anything specific but just free wheeling. In the morning I might add a new idea, or delete a phase or two that might have been confusing or gone over the top. Or maybe just consign the whole misadventure to the trash can and start all over again.




If you have a blog, do you write for the same reasons or something else? Leave a link in the comments if you decide to do, or have already done, a similar post and I’ll add it in here.