Head First Into The Penstemons..


I fell off the terrace wall.

It was destined to happen one day and yesterday was the day. A slate edge tile came loose, my foot followed and the rest is.. well, predictable. Penstemon ‘Snowstorm’ came off worst, it’s now missing a stem or two. Still, every cloud, triumph out of adversity etc. etc., what better opportunity to join Cathy in her excellent meme In A Vase On Monday. Follow the link to see examples far more worthy than mine.

With the garden under development, blooms are a precious commodity that I don’t often pick. So how infuriating to dive bomb the penstemon in particular.  Having moved it in Spring it’s still sulking and not flowering particularly well. I had a split second to work out where to target my feet and did at least manage to locate bare earth. The trouble was, it meant landing badly. My top half fell forward and one flailing arm ended deep within the centre of an astrantia, so sprays of ‘Roma’ are in the vase too.

The Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose’ and Berberis escaped the carnage, sprigs are added for artistic purposes only.




In other news:


Something is stealing the redcurrants. It’s a race now to get them all in before they disappear forever down an uninvited mouth or beak. And it’s not only the fruit. The pinks that only last week I moved around on the terraces have all been nobbled. You’ll remember I blamed that wretched squirrel, but now I’ve seen a mouse feasting on the flowers too. Could it be that mice are attracted to newly disturbed soil? Every new bulb I plant is gobbled. But the ones that have been established here for a while, like those dreaded Spanish bluebells? Not even a nibble.


 As far as the squirrels are concerned, revenge has been sweet. I’ve got some iPad footage of them on the twirler and had a brief look at a tutorial for video editing on the mac. Seems simple enough (?) and maybe even rather fun..


Blogger has taken to eating my first comment of each day. Why? The second attempt always works. If you receive a duplicate comment from me that is the reason.


I do so wish I had the sort of hair that I could just wash and leave. No, it’s a constant battle and now I’ve completely lost the plot. It was the scissors, lying tantalisingly close. I thought if I cut a little bit at a time then perhaps I could avoid a disaster. A couple of locks here and there, see how it works out? Well, it’s much like shortening one leg on a chair. Suddenly the rest is wrong. Another snip here, a bit more there.. and so it goes on. Mike only noticed because he happened to empty the bathroom bin. But a hair appointment is imminent. What is my hairdresser going to say?


There is a new hole in the brassica cage. But this time I can’t pin the blame on an animal. Not exactly. What did it was someone getting too close with the strimmer. He spent the rest of the afternoon attaching a patch with needle and thread. Aesthetically pleasing it isn’t, but it will keep the cabbage whites at bay. The very next day I found a large metal nut on the path, which had the look of something ‘we’ would be moaning about losing in a day or two’s time. It turned out to have come from that very same strimmer. Perhaps I should have secreted it away somewhere, just for safe keeping you understand.


And finally. With everything else that’s been going on I’ve missed my blog anniversary. Two years it was, on the 29th June. Good grief, how time flies!