And The Azaleas March On..







…the future’s orange.


I may have picked the wrong angle for the monthly snapshot of the terraces. They are filling out nicely but this view doesn’t really show the colour that’s there. Apart from the obvious. But somehow the orange azalea seems more in context than the red aberration from the April scene. It’s making me think that I should perhaps move the red, now that it’s finished flowering, to the far end of the bottom bed. As it happens there’s a convenient gap. And in that position it might draw the eye gently rather than punching one in the face.

As long as it and the orange never open together.. now that would set my teeth on edge.



Sissyrinchium ‘Aunt May’, Astrantia ‘Roma’, Hakonechloa macra Aureola, Papaver ‘Checkers’

 At the moment it is a poppy occupying the centre of the stage and I can live with that.



Papaver ‘Checkers’

The purple poppy ‘Patty’s Plum’ should be just behind it. But I moved it this year and it’s holding a grudge. I’ve had one flower but now it’s given up. I may need to replace it.



 Astrantia ‘Ruby Wedding’, Campanula and Rose ‘Susan Williams-Ellis’

 The terraces have to work from both sides. This is a view from the top. It’s nice to get different perspectives but it makes the design doubly hard.




 The wall has taken on a purple hue.



Sempervivum ‘Pacific Hazy Embers’


 But there are plans afoot.

The crevices in the wall clearly support growth. I bought the Sempervivum with the intention of putting it in a trough, but could it work here? Mike set about one of the gaps in the mortar with a cold chisel and mallet to make it slightly wider and we nestled the plant in. It could be the perfect environment for succulents and other alpines.



Digitalis parviflora

There is plenty more to come in the terraced borders.



But after a hard day’s work what could be better than a west facing bench.

By the end of May it is surrounded by a canopy of Philadelphus in bloom. I wish you could smell it.


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