Les Herbes

We have a new herb garden.

Ta Daa!!


The last one just wasn’t working, principally because it lay on the other side of the picket fence, in the shade of the two large shrubs. One was a forsythia, not sure about the other.



Time to get the winch out..



Yes, there was a delay between idea and execution. The surrounding trees had come into full leaf!

And not only the trees. The whole area was starting to look pretty overgrown.



Much better.


Eventually the greenhouse will move. The fruit cage too come to that. But for now I want to plant a low hedge to disguise the breeze block base that the greenhouse sits on. My first inclination is lavender. It would look good with the gravel and herbs and give me a Mediterranean feel. But there is reticence gleaned from experience. I have never been successful with lavender in this garden, perhaps it is just too wet. Should I risk it, prune it strictly according to instructions and perhaps add some grit to loosen up the soil? Or just try something else?

The hedge would need to be evergreen, easily maintained at between 50 and 60 cms in height, ideally flowering and fragrant. Any ideas?



Olive tree on the gravel. Latest victim of the secateurs.


The column of unruly vegetation in front of the greenhouse was supposed to come out as well. Then the clematis opened. And then a wren went and built a nest deep within.