Stopping The Flop


Pea ‘Misty’ and Mangetout ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’


After last year’s disastrous experience with wigwams, Mike’s new pea supports are working really well. The tendrils find the wires of their own accord and I rarely need to do anything to help them on their way. Maybe the odd tweak of a wayward shoot should we happen to pass by. But it’s hardly an effort. I am sowing successionally to try and extend the crop.

So pleased were we at the success so far I asked Himself to build me another two frames for the beans. They would need to be higher…



 Work in progress. Badminton anyone?


The job was not for the faint hearted. Mike used a tall step ladder to hammer in the posts, the legs propped up on a series of planks and a bit of old railway sleeper to counter the uneven ground. It’s difficult to tell from the picture, but the bed itself is raised three feet off the ground. I couldn’t watch. The infamous Fruit Cage Incident of last year lodged itself firmly in the forefront of my mind. This time, thankfully, no bruises, no bill and the beans are loving it.



Runner Bean ‘Lady Di’


After another three weeks of fridge sharing with the 30 million nematodes they’ve now been released onto the raised beds. The first application six weeks ago does seem to have had some effect, I hope the second dose will seal it. Slugs are still causing real problems in the flower borders but, so far, there has been less damage here.



Dwarf Curly Kale

 The brassica cage is up and the first plants safely ensconced inside. I’ve used a few slug pellets as a precautionary measure until the nematodes get to work.



 And the salad bed is started.


It always looks so promising when things are at this early stage of growth. We’ve tried to be more organised this year, I just hope it all pays off.