What A Difference A Month Makes..



Terraces 007 Wm[1]



At last, the terraces are beginning to fill out. And I haven’t really started the replanting yet. There are a couple of plant fairs over the next couple of weeks, so with the benefit of purchases it should take shape.

Terraces 011 Wm[1]

 The view from the top

I’m in two minds about that lipstick pink Azalea. It certainly stands out. Like the ‘rescue’ Camellia, I found it struggling in a pot and planted it out hoping that it would thrive. It’s done that.. but at the time I didn’t know what colour it would turn out to be. Maybe when the planting around it is a little more mature it will soften back some. Another year’s reprieve?

Geum Flames of Passion 003 Wm[1]

 Geum ‘Flames of Passion’ and Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

I love this combination but really wish I had not planted Lily of the Valley here. It has become invasive. Strong shoots have driven up through just about every other plant in the top terrace. The Geums will soon be ready to divide so I have left it alone for now, just snapping off the worst of the offending growth. The roots (rhizomes) have bedded themselves in deep underground. The only way forward I think will be to lift everything on this level, remove the Lily of the Valley and replant. Perhaps it could go to the woodland fringe where it can spread to its heart’s content.

Rockery 005 Wm[1]

I’ve already reconstructed the rockery at the foot of the bird table. It had started to sink!

Possibly I was a tad over enthusiastic in removing all those stones from under the soil before I planted it up. So now I’ve dismantled it, rammed two bags worth of topsoil into the hole and rebuilt. On the plus side the herbs are spreading rather nicely..

Dunnock 001 Wm[1]

Seal of approval


Terraces 013 Wm[1]


At the far end of the bottom terrace, a touch of the Christopher Lloyd’s..

Pieris leaves fading to pink and Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’. Armeria maritima Armada Rose (Thrift) in front of the Hellebore.

Poppy 004 Wm[1]

Papaver ‘Checkers’

Hints of the summer border to come.


I’ll leave you with this shot from Monday evening. It was stormy at dusk and the light quite surreal:


Terraces 012 Wm[1]


The Azalea turned molten.


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