Rainy Day Salad. And A Visitor.


Neglected garden trough


It’s a wet and blustery day outside. And a long walk to the veggie beds to get the salad leaves for lunch.

The trough above has been looking rather sorry for itself for a couple of years. It’s not the most attractive looking specimen in the world but it was bought with a purpose. It is coated in some sort of material that makes it feel very gritty, almost as though it contains bits of glass. If it’s uncomfortable for me to touch, what must it be like for slugs? I’ve cleared it all out and between us we lugged it uphill from the patio below the terraces to just outside the back door.

Trough 002 Wm[1]

 From top left: Mizuna, Red Salad Bowl, Lollo Bionda, Beetroot Bulls Blood (for leaves) and Wild Rocket.

Give it a week or two and lunch with wet hair should be a thing of the past!




It could have been a bit unnerving, inviting a fellow blogger to your house. Up to that point your visitor has only seen the bits of your garden that you feel fit to show. So what would Em, from Dartmoor Ramblings, make of the 75% that usually stays firmly behind the camera?

I tried to set expectations. And suggested that she bring along her wellies..

We walked through the woodland avoiding fallen trees and down to the river where the land is little more than a bog, to parts of the garden that I’ve not ventured into since last summer. There is still so much to do. Over the delicious Waitrose cake that Em stopped off for on the way we had much to chat about. I’ve often said that finding such good virtual friends is what makes this blogging experience for me. And when you feel you’ve got to know someone well from their writing, meeting up face to face really does provide the icing for the cake. Thanks Em, for being such good company. And for finding some polite things to say about my soggy scrap of hillside.