From The Cutting Room Floor

I considered two images of the Trillium while putting together the previous post.

They were taken a couple of days apart and after much deliberation I chose the earlier one. In the second photo, above, the flowers are now out. It might have been the better shot. But wouldn’t you know it, even in that short space of time something had beaten me to it. Something with a beak. Something with a beak and over a foot tall…

And you know what really gets my goat? There is one bite out of each flower. Just one. As though he decided he didn’t like the taste, tried the other one anyway just to make sure and then went off to find something more appealing for lunch. And will he remember next year that he doesn’t like Trilliums? Will he heck.




The other notable thing about the last post was the change in format of the blog. Each post now uses the full width of the screen. It makes the photographs bigger and undoubtedly clearer. I love this and, judging from your comments, you do too. But what about the text, which also now travels the whole width of the screen.  When the post is more about words than pictures, like this one, does that make it more difficult to read? Would you tell me what you think?




In other news:

Yet again this year I am late in preparing the vegetable garden beds. It has of course been far too wet and anyway, I’ve still got stuff growing in one of them. The trouble is, factory production of slug-busting nematodes carries on regardless and yesterday they arrived. Until I can get my backside into gear and finish off the digging they have to be kept in the fridge. Imagine the scene on the middle shelf. On the left, 30 million microscopic (maybe wriggling?) pathological killers. On the right, tonight’s supper.

Mike is a happy bunny, not.