Woman vs. Rodent, Round 2

Let battle commence.

The new Iris reticulata have finished now, no flowers left for the pheasant to peck off. So I wanted to get them into the ground. And as the first bulbs I have planted in a good long while they are also the proof of concept for my bulb cage theory.

It is not straightforward. The first decision is the gauge of the mesh. If the holes are too wide a mouse will get through, too narrow and fleshy roots could be overly restricted. And how big should the cage be? Too small and there would be insufficient room for the bulbs to spread, too large and the mice will just burrow in from above.


Bulb cage 002 Wm[1]


As a precaution I’ve topped out the basket with stones, apparently they don’t like to dig through those.

What do you reckon. Might it work?

The first cage took Mike about 45 minutes to make. Friday night is gin and tonic night. Would it be the right moment to mention to him that I bought 80 Agapanthus bulbs last weekend?