On The First Day Of Spring


 Helleborus x hybridus


The first day of meteorological Spring turned out to be lovely.

The weather may have gone downhill since but on 1st March the sun shone and it was almost warm. Far too nice to be cooped up indoors. There was nothing else for it. A spur of the moment decision had us abandon thoughts of household chores and drive up to the RHS garden at Rosemoor.


Cornus sanguinea 'Magic Flame' 001 Wm[1]


Cornus sanguinea ‘Magic Flame’


The Winter Garden seemed the best place to start, there would still be plenty to see.

The structure is striking and so is the wonderful array of scent. There’s no missing the presence of Sarcococca as you make your way down the path. Mike found an early flowering rhododendron and began to focus for a shot. When he was done I asked him to get a photo of the name tag too. It saves me having to remember, or walk around taking notes. He disappeared under the shrub for several seconds and emerged waving the camera triumphantly aloft. I went to look at the screen and read the name on the tag. Narcissus. The underplanting. Doh. My position as gardener-in-chief is safe for a little while yet.


Helleborus x hybridus 001 Wm[1]


 Hellebores abound.

In many areas of the garden they are planted in drifts with snowdrops. I must do more of that here. It’s lovely.


Rosemoor Winter Garden Shelter 001 Wm[2]


Hellebores grown en masse around the Winter Garden shelter


Betula utilis var. jacquemontii 001 Wm[1]


Betula utilis var. jacquemontii

We captured this image of the sun glowing on the bark a split second before that approaching black cloud snuffed it out.


Camellia x williamsii 'Saint Ewe' 001 Wm[1]


Camellia x williamsii ‘Saint Ewe’


Rosemoor Tunnel 001 Wm[1]


Moving on from the Winter Garden there is plenty more to see.

A tunnel connects two parts of the garden. I love the way it frames this view through to the stream.


Galanthus 001 Wm[1]


Snowdrops grow high up on the rocky banks.

All the better for admiring the fine detail of their skirts.


Hellebore 017 Wm[1]


More hellebores.

Can there ever be enough?


Hellebore 018 Wm[1]


Rhododendron 'Praecox' 001 Wm[1]


  Rhododendron ‘Praecox’


Edgeworthia chrysantha 001 Wm[1]


Edgeworthia chrysantha


A few freshly cut stumps and the occasional pile of logs are the only evidence now of the ferocious winter storms. The first signs of Spring blossom on the woodland edge:


Prunus mume 'Beni-shidare' 001 Wm[1]


Prunus mume ‘Beni-shidare’


Prunus hirtipes 001 Wm[1]


 Prunus hirtipes


Crocus 003 Wm[1]


 Crocus, naturalised in the grass


Narcissus Cyclamineus 002 Wm[1]


And Narcissus cyclamineus

My very favourite miniature daffodil. Don’t they look superb?