The Curved Ball

Chair 015 Wm


Well, this week I had intended to do more work on my part reupholstered chair.

Was quite looking forward to it actually. I’d cleared off a couple of hefty household chores, the weather is still looking iffy..  the perfect opportunity. I’d even gone as far as voicing the notion to Mike, in the way of casual conversation. As you do. And mostly thinking aloud because I’d remembered I need to order more tacks. Mistake.

His ears pricked up. “Ah, I’d been meaning to talk to you about that.”

Oh-oh. “Yes I know, it’s been hanging around a bit. I thought you’d be pleased.”

“I am, I am. It’s just that I wondered if we might have a quick look at the chair by my desk..”



The desk chair in question is by no means antique. It’s not even particularly attractive as a repro. And it’s suffered considerable damage to the frame. My father, from whence it came, had a go at re-covering it many years ago using an offcut from a pair of curtains. It’s not done too badly considering.

Nonetheless, and almost overnight it would seem, the chair has attained such a level of discomfort that it must now be propelled to the front of the queue. So it’s back to the books and the internet for instruction. The quick and dirty, free delivery, simple tack order from Amazon has ballooned into a quite different beast.


Mike's chair 002 Wm[2]


But I discovered something interesting while taking it apart and looking at the underside of the seat.

When Mike finally reaches his dotage his chair has conversion possibilities, n’est-ce pas?