Blooming February

Galanthus nivalis 008 Wm


Galanthus nivalis


Perhaps I should have called it Blowing A Gale February.

Cowering close to the ground, the snowdrops are proving resilient so far. They are the main feature of the garden this month. In some places their nodding heads literally carpet the woodland floor.


Galanthus nivalis 007 Wm


Galanthus nivalis and Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’

I transplanted some of the snowdrops into the formal flower beds. I like the contrast against the jet black leaves of the Ophiopogon. Unfortunately it appears to make them even easier for the pheasant to spot. Grrr.


Hellebore 013 Wm


Hellebore, unnamed seedling.

The other stars of the February garden are the hellebores, of course. The pinks seem to be coping with the weather rather better than the whites.


Hellebore 014 Wm


Hellebore, unnamed seedling.


Cyclamen coum 002 Wm


Cyclamen coum

Up on the bank, some cyclamen I planted a couple of years ago are starting to spread nicely down the slope.


Camellia 003 Wm


Camellia (inherited, variety unknown)

Flowers any day now.


Daphne odora Aureomarginata 001 Wm


Daphne odora Aureomarginata

A Daphne I took as a cutting from a mature plant in my mother’s garden. It’s still very small and the leaves look a bit rough, but it is covered in flower buds. Looking forward to the fragrance when this one blooms.


Dwarf Iris Cantab 001 Wm


Dwarf Iris Cantab

My purchases this month have all been bulbs. Risky, given the mice. But a garden without bulbs though the late winter/early Spring is going to look very bare. So I have devised a cunning plan. I shall plant the Iris bulbs in wire mesh cages, with some gravel in the bottom to help with drainage, and then sink the whole lot in the ground.


Narcissus Cyclamineus 001 Wm


Narcissus cyclamineus

This one may need to bulk up a bit before it gets planted out. I much prefer the smaller flowered Narcissus to the big blowsy hybrids. In time I’d like to build up drifts of them, much like the snowdrops.


And finally, there is this.


Galanthus Jacquenetta 001 Wm


Galanthus Jacquenetta

My first ‘special’ snowdrop. I’ve been waiting almost a week for it to open. Each day I think it gets a little plumper. But.. still waiting. Perhaps it has decided that a windswept Devon hillside is not really its thing.

Who can blame it.


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