And They’re Off..

Yet again the forecast for this week is wind and rain.

As if this country hasn’t had enough of that to cope with. My heart goes out to those who have been flooded, or whose homes are under threat. Living on the side of a hill it is the wind that I fear, surrounded as we are by so many trees. But yesterday provided a respite of sorts. Sunshine, a gentle breeze and almost warm. If only for one day..

I’ve put cucumber, basil, parsley and lemon grass into the propagator. That last one is something new. Also Echinacea White Swan. I fancy drifts of them up on the bank. The only way to do that quickly and cost effectively is by sowing seed, another adventure into the unknown, so we’ll see how they go. Last year I’m sure I’d started off tomatoes and chilli peppers by now, but the suggestion on the seed packets is to wait until March.


Seed sowing 002 Wm


 Venturing into the greenhouse, the glass panes having temporarily ceased their rattling in the wind, there’s colour to behold. And early salad leaves sown: Mizuna and Lollo Bionda.


Potatoes chitting Wm


Whilst I was out a-pottering there was a delivery.. the seed potatoes arrived. They are now laid out for chitting too.


It didn’t last. That would have been too much to hope for.

By lunchtime it was raining again. But for one Monday morning at least, it felt just like Spring.