An Experiment


Over Christmas I joined the tablet revolution.


I’ve downloaded a book or two.. and been reading and commenting on blogs, even if some of those comments did disappear into the ether. I’ve still to actually publish a post. But the real benefit for me is the freedom that it gives. I can keep up with the blog from the sofa, from the car, even from my bed.. perish the thought.

So this week I decided to explore a little further. Many of the blogs I follow contain videos. Could I take videos to use on here? It’s not straightforward. But what is these days. For a start it blows the limitations of rural ‘broad’band wide open. The minute-and-a-half video below took two and a half hours to upload. And that was with every other device in the house turned off, every other application on my computer shut down. Sheesh.

Nevertheless, Ptolemy fans, here you are. The man himself, saving me the bother of weeding out wheat, corn and sunflower seedlings from underneath the bird table. He asked me to tell you that he will be available for autographs later. Doh.



Now that I’ve cracked video technology, perhaps the time might be right to replace the batteries in the squirrel twirler..?