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Terraces 005 Wm


The bare bones of winter


Winter, as many have said before me, is a time for planning. Especially this year when the ground is so wet that if I step on it I feel that I’m about to sink without trace.

Perhaps the best way to cope with a garden of this size is to focus on one area at a time. Over the last couple of years the terraces have been progressively cleared of weeds and an excess of Crocosmia. A few things got shifted around and some new plants were added but I’ve not got to grips with it in any meaningful way. The main challenge is the extra dimension of relative height, provided by virtue of the three levels. To complicate things further the planting needs to look good from three sides. Getting this right, or at least closer to right, is the task that I have set for this year.

There are new shoots pushing up already and as soon as conditions are more favourable I’ve got a few things still to move. Relocations will create gaps. Opportunities for new planting. A wonderful juxtaposition of colour, shape and texture awaits. Err-hmm.


Terraces 001 Wm


August 2013

Apart from the re-emergent crocosmia, the palette is overwhelmingly green. Could do better.

Hellebore 012 Wm

There will be less of the close up photography I’ve retreated to up to now with more attention on plant combinations and that all important matter of height. And I want to make it more of an all seasons garden. After all, it’s these borders that we look out at from inside the house.

The Hellebores are chance seedlings brought with me from my last garden, otherwise there’s precious little of interest in mid winter as it stands.


Galanthus nivalis 006 Wm


 Just a lonely patch of pheasant pecked snowdrops close to the top path.


To keep me on my toes I plan to show you how it all goes, however it turns out.

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