An Artist, Not.

Garden map Wm

 Not to scale


A little while ago Janet and Cathy asked me if I could draw up a map of the garden, to make it easier to see how the different areas fit together. C’est voilà. It will never hang in the Tate, but I hope it meets its intended purpose.

The trees are more densely planted than this, but for clarity I’ve left most of them out. There are trees between the lawn and the river and the woodland extends outwards in all directions. The Cabin/Workshop looks as if it is about to fall down. It probably is. Just not necessarily in the direction indicated on the drawing. The greenhouse is decidedly wonky. Must work on perspective. And I realised, after I’d inked it all in and scanned it, I forgot to put a door on the Man Shed. There must be something deeply significant about that..