Watching Me Watching You


Nice try Woodrow…


Woodpecker 025 Wm


But I know you’re there.

Looking less than pristine after all the rain: Great Spotted Woodpecker

This weekend is the Big Garden Birdwatch, organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). So we sat at the kitchen table this morning with checklist, binoculars, bird identification book, and some coffee, to record what flew in. Perhaps not unexpectedly our bird population is skewed in favour of woodland birds. Nuthatches, woodpeckers and pheasants frequent the feeders, but not so many of the birds that the RSPB actually wanted us to count. Doh.


Nuthatch 003 Wm




Willow Tit 001 Wm


Willow Tit. Or Marsh Tit? The two species are virtually identical.


Ptolemy and Ptolemy Too continue to prove elusive from a photography point of view. They made a dive for the rhododendron patch the minute the tripod came out. They won’t be able to hold out under there forever though. A pheasant needs to eat.


Great Tit 002 Wm


Great Tit

Of the birds on the checklist the most numerous were the Great Tits, a sum total of three.


Chaffinch 001 Wm




Blue Tit 002 Wm


Blue Tit


Blackbird 005 Wm


Can I just lean here a moment? It’s been a long day..



 We don’t see sparrows at all. The long tailed tits only appear when it gets very cold. None so far this winter.


Great Tit & Coal Tit 001 Wm


But here’s an odd thing..

A Great Tit and Coal Tit sharing not only a feeder, but almost the same hole in the mesh. The Great Tit was not about to peck its friend, it waited patiently while the Coal Tit took its share.


And then..

where there are birds, or rather bird food..


Squirrel 011 Wm


Game over.