Dartmoor Rambling

Dartmoor 009 Wm


Kestor, Dartmoor National Park

And blue sky! A rare enough sight in recent days. Even better that it should coincide with a much anticipated day out to meet Em from Dartmoor Ramblings. I have been following Em’s blog for over a year now, enjoying her fabulous photographs from the moorland close to her home. It feels quite strange seeing in real time sights that have become so familiar on the computer screen.


Dartmoor 008 Wm


Snippet and Jack

It was hard to catch them sitting still, even for a second.. But lovely to see them racing around, with boundless energy and seemingly limitless space to run around in. Em was careful to call them back when we wandered close to any sheep.


Dartmoor 011 Wm


Dartmoor ponies


Dartmoor 004 Wm


 Long views out across the moor.

I took Mike’s small camera and struggled with it a bit. I should have taken the DSLR. But would he ever have forgiven me…


Dartmoor 005 Wm


..had I dropped it in here?

You can see how fierce the wind was, from the angle of the grass.


Dartmoor 012 Wm


 Windblown Snippet


Dartmoor 010 Wm


 Em and the dogs, getting closer to Kestor

She is a talented artist, you can see some of her work on her blog. Who could fail to be inspired in these beautiful surroundings.


Dartmoor 006 Wm


Fernworthy reservoir.

And then back to the house for a warming cup of tea. Thank you so much Em, for your hospitality, I had such a great day.