Blooming January

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Robert' 003 Wm


Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Robert’


I did wonder how easy it was going to be this month. This time last year things seemed more advanced.

In 2013, my most established clump of Hellebore was fully out in bloom:


Hellebore Wm


This week the same clump had only buds on show:


Hellebore 011 Wm


So why is this I wonder?

Maybe the seasons are still lagging behind after last year’s cold Spring. Or does Mother Nature know that winter has yet more up her sleeve and blooms are lying low? Perhaps it’s just that last year was exceptionally mild.


Wild Primrose 002 Wm


Primula vulgaris. Wild primroses.

Little bits of colour are starting to appear.


Pulmonaria 003 Wm


The very first of the Pulmonaria blooms


Galanthus nivalis 005 Wm


Galanthus nivalis

And deep within the woodland the wonderful sight of snowdrops. I had snowdrops in the garden borders too but Ptolemy (bless him) ate all the flowers. I’ve seen him on the prowl. Checking each clump for optimum maturity with little nudges of his beak. Then, as soon as the blooms begin to open.. one swift peck and they are gone.


Erica 003 Wm


Erica (inherited, variety unknown)


Cyclamen coum 001 Wm


Cyclamen coum

The Cyclamen are an addition to the garden this month. I want to start a small drift of them alongside the steps leading down to the house.


And then, while were out buying bird food, my bargain hunting antennae started to twitch.

It’s small.. it has definitely taken some knocks.. but..


Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' 001 Wm


Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’


A witch hazel at about a third of the usual price?

Give it a couple of years TLC and it’ll be as right as rain.


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