Watch The Birdie

Meet Hucknall.

All robins around here have the same name. It’s easier that way as I’ve never worked out how to tell them apart. My current garden companion is particularly attentive. Almost as soon as one of us steps outside the door we will hear the fluttering of little wings and Hucknall will appear. If I am weeding he, or she, will stand on the soil inches from my fork and wait the chance of an upturned grub. Once he’s consumed it he’ll fly up to a branch in the nearest tree or shrub and serenade me from on high. A minute or so later, digestion complete, he’ll be back for more. It’s my ambition this summer to get him eating out of my hand.

The trouble is Hucknall likes to follow us around. Mike has gone into the tool shed before now and the robin has flown in as well. What would happen if he inadvertently got shut in? As it turns out, our predecessor may have encountered this problem too. I’d looked up to the top of the tool shed door to see if there is a gap large enough for Hucknall to escape. There isn’t. But I did spot something I’ve never noticed before..


Shed Hatch Closed Wm


Do you see anything unusual?


Shed Hatch Open Wm


How cool is that?

Perhaps it was for swallows. Or even bats. Maybe we should just leave it open for now.