This Won’t Hurt A Bit

And so. Onwards.

A New Year already full of the joys of spring(ing).


Chair 011 Wm


High chair..



If you try this at home (I know, I know), DON’T make your first ever upholstery project a chair with a round frame. It complicates everything ten fold. And every single book you look at, every YouTube video you consult, they will be using a nice easy (square) chair for demonstration purposes. Doh.


Chair 012 Wm


All those lovely curves create extra fullness in the fabric.


It’s all feeling a bit more industrial than my normal sort of project. The black fibre that I’ve used for the stuffing is dreadful stuff. It sends heaps of dust and little strands of itself everywhere. Including up my nose. So I’ve had to use my decorating mask, as the deep red grooves now etched into my skin will testify. And of course that’s all very well until I need my reading glasses to see where to put the tacks. I have walloped my finger with the hammer twice today. Luckily, this time, the nail did not turn black.


Chair 013 Wm


Β Coming on


A double pointed needle takes a bit of getting used to. I have learned, for example, that it is possible to incur a stab wound in the hand and the thigh simultaneously. And I used to think curtain making was bad for bloodletting.


Chair 015 Wm


Β Stitched edge.

First attempt…