Stormy Waters..

The rain is once again pummelling the windows. Trees are bending and creaking in the wind. Yesterday afternoon, as the latest storm started to wind up, we went across to the North Devon coast to see what was afoot.


Hartland Quay 009 Wm



The winds had yet to reach actual storm force, it would have been far too dangerous to be out there if they had. People have sadly been swept into the sea in recent days and we were not taking chances. Even so, your intrepid blogger and her photographer in chief were buffeted about. At times it was hard to keep standing up. A fellow intrepid storm chaser could not pull her car door shut, the wind was that strong.


Hartland Quay 006 Wm


The unusually large temperature differentials between the bitterly cold northern regions of the American continent and the milder south have caused deep low pressure systems to develop. These then barrel across the Atlantic on a particularly fast moving Jet Stream and hit the UK as gale force wind and torrential rain. Those of us living on the west side of the country are first in the firing line.

For the last couple of weeks a new storm has hit us about every other day, coinciding with high spring tides. Many homes along the coast and close to tidal rivers are on flood alert once again today.


Hartland Quay 007 Wm


Hopefully it will quieten down, for a while, by the end of this week.

And then what next? Hints of colder weather in the long range forecasts now. The rain may yet turn to snow. Winter for all of us in the northern hemisphere has had its challenges this year.


Hartland Quay 010 Wm


Meanwhile, at Hartland Quay, the grass has blown flat.


Hartland Quay 011 Wm


Trees grow into contorted shapes, moulded by the wind.

In all the time we were driving around yesterday we hardly saw another soul.