Winter Blues.. Pink, Yellow and White

Cotehele 010 Wm


Cotehele, Cornwall


This is the sort of place that, once you’ve discovered it, you want to keep going back to time and time again. And in December there’s a special reason to go.


Cotehele 006 Wm


The absolutely stunning Christmas garland in the Great Hall


Cotehele 005 Wm


90 feet in length


Cotehele 007 Wm


40,000 blooms


Cotehele 008 Wm


Each and every one of them grown, picked and dried on the Cotehele estate.


Cotehele 009 Wm


 Ten varieties in all.


Cotehele 002 Wm


 Cotehele is a beautiful place, now in the care of the National Trust.

It is claimed to be one of the least altered Tudor houses in the United Kingdom. Possibly dating as far back as 1300, the main building work was likely carried out between 1485 and 1520. It sits in glorious gardens perched high on a hill above the River Tamar.


Check opening times if you are down this way and plan to visit. Some parts of the house are closed until March.


Cotehele 004 Wm


Could be Spring already..?


Cotehele 003 Wm


Mike said he’d like to have lived there.

I’d have to agree. Provided I could travel back through time and take with me a decent central heating boiler, an induction hob and Wi-Fi.


Cotehele 011 Wm


 We wandered down to the Quay for lunch..


Cotehele 012 Wm


 And then took a stroll along the river.

If only every winter’s day could be like this.