The Master Stuffer

Chair 004 Wm


Previously, on Upholstery News…

We had left Jessica and Mike in a bit of a pickle. The springs had just exploded out of the chair with cataclysmic force leaving a tangle of string in their wake. From the point of the eruption tacks had flown forth in all directions culminating in an impressive ricochet off a picture on the far wall of the room.


I have to confess, after all that, I’ve been dragging my feet. The longer, stronger tacks arrived some while ago yet there was always something else to do. Even the ironing. But yesterday morning I returned to YouTube and found something I thought might crack it.

And Behold…!


Chair 006 Wm


Once again, Mike held down the springs as I tied the knots, but with a revision to the process it all seemed more natural, hardly an effort at all. Which just goes to show, almost anything is easy easier When You Know How.

The point of all this is just to have a go. I’ve always loved working with fabric so upholstery was a logical next step. If it turns out I enjoy it, I’d like to enrol on a course and develop the proper techniques. Who knows, it may even turn into something that will earn us some pennies after a while. Plenty of those are needed with some big jobs coming up on the house. And anyway, all that hammering is good for the soul.


Chair 007 Wm


So far it’s proving quite fun.



Hard on the hands, maybe.


Chair 010 Wm


But I get to make a right royal mess.

And to play with some pretty awesome kit..


Chair 009 Wm


Who’s going to argue with that?