Ta Daa!!

Wilderness Wm




Wilderness clearing 001 Wm








You can see how long it’s taken.. if not from the advancing season, then from the progressive greening of the roof!

I wanted to get this work done before winter sets in, as preparation for next year. Having cleared out the bank, I now have somewhere to re-home the perennials that I evict from the terraced beds on the other side of the house. Next Spring will be all about moving things around and hopefully the summer show will be better as a result.

The pressure is off a bit now. If we have a few mild days over the winter, and the ground less of a quagmire than it is today, I can enjoy pootling around with a hand fork or a hoe. All through this job new weedlings have been shadowing my progress, insidiously sprouting the moment my back was turned. Getting some plants into this bare earth will be a priority now. And in the meantime, I suppose, digging the thorns out of my fingers for a few days yet. There were a lot of brambles in there..


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