Root And Branch

Terraces 003 Wm


The terraces having been looking a bit sad over the last couple of weeks.

Frost has now clobbered most of the flowers and some of the foliage has turned to mush.  So, with a few days of dry weather in the offing, it was time for a bit of a clear out. Some things got away with a haircut, others came right out.


Terraces 004 Wm


Better. But there are now a few gaps!


I shall spend the winter thinking about how to implement ‘Phase 2’. When we first moved here the terraces were totally overgrown. The middle level had been entirely subsumed by tightly congested crocosmia. It was difficult to find a space to even insert a fork. I did my best to dig it all out and added a few plants on an ad hoc basis. But it isn’t right yet. What it really needs now is a complete overhaul and a proper planning out.

The terraces present both an opportunity and a challenge. It could look spectacular. But plants rarely refer to the height guideline printed on their label. Difficult enough to get them to sit comfortably together even on the flat. Throw in the need to adjust to the differing levels and the likelihood of getting it right falls very sharply indeed. Nor does it help that these beds are viewed from three sides.

How would you approach it? Is there a better way than constant trial and error?

The first thing, I think, is to reshuffle the cards I’ve already been dealt. Some of the plants I want to keep are still in the wrong place. I was hoping to do it this Autumn but now that the ground has been frosted it might be better to wait until Spring.

I plan to put the photos on the blog. However it turns out. Oh-er!