The Season Of Mists and… Torrential Rain

Antony 001 Wm




Whilst the cow, or whatever, was churning up our lawn we were near Torpoint, in Cornwall.

I’d been determined to fit in one more National Trust visit before the portcullis came down for the season and this was it. Even though the weather was quite dreadful. We marshalled our energies in the cafe with a spot of light lunch.


Antony 002 Wm


It may have been wet but it was still relatively mild. We sat under the covered walkway of a pavilion, identical to the one mirrored in our view across the front lawn. The wind whipped up everything that wasn’t tied down. Napkins, a crisp packet, the plan of the grounds, I had to get up and chase them all.


Antony 003 Wm


In the house, photographs are allowed but no flash.


Antony 008 Wm


It wasn’t easy in the poor light of the day, but this one gives you a feel for the character and opulence of the interior.

The house was built for Sir William Carew between 1711 and 1721 and ever since has continued as the primary residence of the Carew family who have owned the estate since the mid-16th century. Sir John Carew Pole gave the house and formal gardens into the care of the National Trust in 1961 on the understanding that the family could continue to reside there. Currently Sir Richard Carew Pole, a former president of the Royal Horticultural Society, lives there with his family. (From Wikipedia)


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 The main lawn, leading down to the woodlands and the banks of the River Lynher.


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The Woodland Garden is separate from the house, but NT members have free access. There are many spring flowering shrubs (we’ll have to come back..) but at this time of year magnificent autumn colour too.


Antony 016 Wm


 Including an Acer glade


Antony 012 Wm


 And my new found autumn favourites, fading hydrangeas

 It was about this point, the farthest from the house that we could possibly be, that the rain came down in stair rods. Within seconds we were drenched.


 Antony 019 Wm


 Which was a shame because having found this glorious little spot by the river I’d have been happy to linger.


Antony 018 Wm


 The view back to the house from the other end of the long vista.


Antony 009 Wm


Antony 005 Wm


 On its west side, topiary and clipped hedges form the main feature. There is a lovely ‘summer’ garden hidden away beyond the right hand hedge, going over now but packed with perennials. Another reason to return.


 Antony 020 Wm


Just time for the delightful knot garden.. before a rapid retreat back to the shelter of the car.