What’s going on with the lawn?

It could never have claimed to be a bowling green. That would be quite an ask, on such a damp and shady site. But it’s never looked as bad as this before. Suddenly it’s full of holes and got that way in the space of a day.

We had a trip out last week and didn’t get back until well after dark. The next morning, while drying my hair, I happened to glance across the lawn directly below the window. Squirrels? Even by their standards they’d have had to be going it some. Then I saw Mike go out and take a closer look.


Damage to lawn 012 Wm


Big holes. Big feet. Slip sliding around in the mud.

His first thought was a hunt. We’ve had hounds running across the garden before, but never the horses as well. And surely, isn’t that against the rules? Along with a friend from the village Mike went off tracking. The lawn is in three sections, every bit churned up. They found the same big footprints right through the woodland, down by the river and back up to the raised beds.


Damage to lawn 015 Wm


Whatever animal it was had clearly stopped here for a snack.

Outside the garden we inspected the fences and found a potential hole accompanied by enough footprints to suggest nothing less than a passing herd. Even those with frankly zero experience of tracking, that would be us then, could have managed to follow the evidence. We called it a day after the first two fields.

Damage to lawn 001 Wm

What do you reckon?

I’m thinking cow..