Remember This?

Yew tree Wm


Extreme Pruning

The trouble with inheriting an overgrown garden is that trees and shrubs can get out of hand. This yew had taken over half the path; to get past it one had to walk sideways. But I’d done my research. They can be cut back. Hard. Really quite hard.


This is the same tree today..


Yew tree 002 Wm



But look closely…


Yew tree 003 Wm


Admittedly, it may be a while before I need to prune it again.

It got me thinking about some of the other horticultural escapades we’ve undertaken this year. It’s not all good news. There was that Christmas Tree taking over the front of a border..


Christmas Tree 6 Wm


Sadly, it didn’t survive. I don’t know what we’ll do this time around. I’m reluctant to dig up another one. Perhaps buy a tree, already established with roots, and try to maintain it in its pot.

And then there was the root pruned bonsai maple..


Bonsai Roots 3 Wm


It hasn’t been particularly vigorous this year, but it is alive. The autumn leaves are a testament to that.

A real success has been our hacked back Pieris..


Pieris 002 Wm


You can see the place where we chopped it back. Controlling its shape is the challenge now. It wants to grow tall and leggy. Twice more I’ve pruned it hard and new shoots are finally starting to appear from the base.

More recently there’s been the slow to ripen chillies..


Chilli 002 Wm


Yay! The banana skins worked!

And how about that unfortunate upending of a very large Hydrangea..


Hydrangea moved 3 Wm


No flowers this year. Not much of a surprise as I cut it down by half. Against all the odds though, it does seem to have made it. Recently I’ve changed my opinion of these plants. For not all hydrangeas are the same. And some are especially beautiful when they fade..


Hydrangea Paniculata 'unique' Wm


 Hydrangea paniculata ‘Unique’

Following on from Jo at The Good Life, this year I’ve been trying to purchase one plant every month that is in flower at the time. This is my choice for October. In mid summer the bracts open pure white. As the season progresses the inner faces of the petals fade to cream. The reverse sides turn pink. It is exquisite. Maybe even unique.

Well whoever knew I’d wax lyrical over a Hydrangea.