Overbeck’s, Salcombe

It’s that time of year again.

At the end of the month The National Trust shuts up shop for winter. The properties are ‘put to bed’ until March. And yet again the summer has slipped by and we’ve not made nearly as much use of our membership as we should. Next year things will be different… of course.


Overbeck's 002 Wm


Overbeck’s is gloriously located on a cliff top, with stunning views down to Salcombe below.


Overbeck's 009 Wm


On the south coast of Devon the climate is mild and there is a distinctly sub-tropical feel.


Overbeck's 010 Wm


Sculpture features strongly in the garden too.

The flex in the metal support allows this bird to move in the breeze, creating the illusion that it is hovering over the grass. EDIT: I have since discovered that it is ‘White Bird Soaring’ by Jeremy Davies. You can find out more about it here.


Overbeck's 005 Wm[1]


There was plenty of breeze yesterday, with dull skies and only occasional glimpses of the sun. It shows in the pictures, unfortunately. The acers are just beginning to turn. These low growing specimens make a feature of the woodland path.


Overbeck's 007 Wm[1]


Overbeck's 003 Wm[1]


What a great shape to this Cornus. Oh that I could train mine to look like that. Imagine it in early summer with every layer smothered in blooms. This garden, like ours, is on a steep slope. Paths provide access to all levels, making it easier to work and to admire the often diminutive woodland plants. There are many gaps in the tree canopy to let in light. We still have much to do on that front too.


Overbeck's 004 Wm[1]


Architectural gunnera and lofty bamboo. A passing blogger provides the scale.


Overbeck's 006 Wm


Shining out of the gloom, these brilliant blue berries.

Anyone know what they are? Don’t be fooled by the shiny green leaves behind, which the berry bearing stems are pushing up through. My best guess is Dianella tasmanica.



Overbeck's 008 Wm[2]


The Statue Garden, with plenty of late summer colour.


Overbeck's 001 Wm[1]


And another of those glorious estuary views.


Meeting the S.Sands Ferry 002 Wm


Dropping down to sea level, the view from our table for lunch at South Sands. It’s a boutique hotel right on the beach and the food is superb. As we tucked into Sticky Toffee Pudding, the ferry boat arrived. An amphibious landing craft, with wheels while on land, trundles out to meet it! (Mobile phone photo, taken through glass.)


Geese 002 Wm (2)


And how could I not include these guys, spotted on our journey back home.

Time for evening ablutions, come rain or shine.