When Size Matters

On Sunday evening I ordered the new upholstery tacks from Amazon.

Half an hour later an email arrives: they’d been dispatched and delivery would be next day. How cool is that? They actually turned up on Tuesday, but who am I to complain. Pretty good going for the princely delivery charge of 90p. And then Amazon did what Amazon does best.ย Whilst I was online, how would I like to order the new Nigel Slater for less than half price and delivery for free? A long stretch from upholstery tacks you might think, but then I have ordered his books before. Would I heck.ย That package arrives Saturday, given a fair wind. So we will Eat well too this weekend.

It’s been a hectic few days. I’m hopelessly behind with blog reading, but will catch up soon. Between the showers (< 5% to 20% chance of rain, allegedly) I’ve been trying to get enough ground cleared to bed in all the perennials I wanted to move this year. But we’re into bramble territory now and on the bank that’s hard work.


Knitting Project 001 Wm[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=


Planning for winter projects moves on apace. I hate winter. I hate the cold. It helps to keep busy. Needing something relaxing and maybe a tad less life threatening after a day of upholstery, I’ve given more thought to the jacket that got nobbled by the moths before I’d even reached the sleeves. The style is voluminous and not really to my taste today. But couldn’t it produce, almost to a stitch, the yarn for the sleeveless top above? Would welcome some advice though, experienced knitters out there..

Tension should be 21 stitches over 10 cms. Mine is 23.

And 32 rows over 10 cms. Mine is 30.

I don’t mind the decrease in width so much, it’s a one size pattern and too big as it stands. What it doesn’t need to be is any longer and working to a colour chart I’d prefer not to alter the number of rows. How do I sort it out? An ideal knitting project perhaps, for the first in over 20 years, because it should work up quickly..

Just let me delude myself a little bit here OK? Or else I will never start.