Some You Win..

Peppers & Bananas Wm


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

But will it work?

The last day of September. Yet my chillies remain steadfastly green. I’m hoping the banana skins might help. The plants normally live in the greenhouse, where all that ethylene gas should be nicely contained. But rickety rusty staging and armoured electrical cable did not a good photograph make, so they’ve been temporarily shifted outside.

It’s a while since I wrote about the veg plot and much has been happening. It certainly hasn’t been the washout of last year but, as ever, there have been lessons learned. I shall give potatoes one final try in the ground next year. After that it will be containers. Using a Sarpo resistant variety I have at least managed to avoid blight. But:


Potato 002 Wm


The mouse holes appearing in the potato patch should have been evidence enough. Half of the tubers I’ve lifted so far have ended up in the bin. The Zeina mini cucumbers continued to be prolific, far more than we needed out of just three plants, but proved to be disappointing on taste. Next year I’ll try something new.

Our biggest challenge though has been with space. Or the lack of it. With only two raised beds and the minuscule original vegetable garden to play with I’ve packed far too much in. As the season progressed total chaos ensued and a gentle evening’s picking felt more like an exercise on an assault course. There’s a grand expansion plan in the pipeline. Just need to find the right moment to share it with Mike..


Sweet Corn 001 Wm


On the plus side I’ve finally got the hang of mini sweetcorn. This variety is Snobaby F1. They should be picked as soon as the silks start to show. This one will be eaten by tomorrow. Delicious! And Sungold tomatoes are still ripening in the greenhouse, even if the plants outside have now succumbed to blight. The West Country is perhaps just too wet, even in a summer as good as this one has been.



Sprouts, plus broccoli green and purple, hold the promise of still more to come.

And maybe, soon, red chillies will join the harvest.

Banana anyone?