Seeds Of Change


Three little brown envelopes containing collected Erythronium seeds have been sitting on my desk for over a year. Will they still be viable? If I don’t try, I won’t find out.


Ladybird 001 Wm


I lost count of the ladybirds I rescued yesterday afternoon.

Trimming back the spent flower heads of the Digitalis (we have enough of those, thank you, no need for further seed), I spotted two or three little sleepy heads trying to climb out of the rubbish trug. A minute later they were there in droves. I don’t suppose a house move was exactly what they had in mind but, given the circumstances, a winter in the Cornus tree might beat the local tip.


Camellia cuttings 001 Wm


Camellia cuttings, sitting in the propagator. Bottom heat helps.


So when it’s my turn, like the ladybirds, to seek out a cosy place, what projects will there be?


My Study   The tardy Erythronium sowing arises, allegedly, from a fundamental issue. My desk, nay my study is, apparently, a mess. While I have been gardening and maybe blogging, a bit, things have been piling up. Literally. Tall piles of paper which have spilled from the desk and started to creep menacingly across the floor. In my defence I will say that I know where everything is. And that creativity can only flourish in a free flowing space. But last week, can you credit it, I was actually ‘tidied’ when my back was turned. Half a dozen unopened Boden catalogues were, unbelievably, thrown out. I suppose I had better do something about it.


Email   It’s not just the paper. In the interests of keeping you bang up to date, I have just checked again. 631 unread. A large proportion from Boden as it happens, who perhaps have noticed that their catalogues met with an unfortunate end.



The Chairs  Yep, just as they were when I did last year’s list. Except that they, and the worktable, have now found their way down to the dining room where there is, admittedly, more space.



The House Renovation  No shortage of jobs to be getting on with here. That fireplace still needs stripping of its polyurethane black paint. And then what to do with those oppressive ceiling beams?



A Return to Crafting   And not before time. A knitted jacket, in the back of the cupboard, that the moths got before I’d even reached the sleeves. I hope I can mend it. And not have to frog all the way back to the hole.

I’d really like to start a quilt. And the bedroom still has no curtains.


Chair Wm


Isn’t it lucky that only the birds can see in?