Baggy Point

Baggy Point 006 Wm


I woke yesterday morning in need of a blast of fresh air.

We headed back out to North Devon, specifically a section of the coast path around Baggy Point. I’ve mentioned it before, I know, but why is it that the weather forecast for our area is just so unreliable? On at least two occasions recently I’ve had to run for cover in the garden even though, according to the Met Office, there’s less than a 5% chance of rain. Happy to accept that weather forecasting is not an exact science, but 95% wrong?!

It maybe wouldn’t be so bad if the Met Office were not based just up the road. Does the man who compiles the local forecast ever look out of the window? Does he not notice something wet falling upon him should he have reason to walk out to his car? Yesterday it was supposed to stop raining at noon. So, when we left the pub at about 2.00 p.m. and started out on the walk, I left my waterproof jacket in the boot of the car.


Saunton Sands 001 Wm


I did take an umbrella though. Not totally stupid. We sheltered against a rocky outcrop until the worst of it had passed. A Waitrose freezer bag emerged from Mike’s pocket. As a temporary camera bag, it would have to do. You can tell that he’s been caught out before.


Baggy Point 005 Wm


The island on the horizon is Lundy.

To give scale to these rocks, the little black objects perched on the side of the cliff (centre right of the shot) are people.. abseilers perhaps? Rather them than me.


Sheep 003 Wm


“Just follow me OK, and don’t look down..”


Sheep 004 Wm


“I see no ships.”



By the time we had climbed up to the top of the ridge, the black sheep had started to graze.. out on a promontory, surrounded on three sides by the sheer drop, hundreds of feet down to the rocks below. I couldn’t watch.


Croyde Bay 001 Wm


Turning back for home, a magnificent view of Croyde, where we had left the car. The walk is only a couple of miles but it is spectacular.


Saunton Sands 003 Wm


Beach huts at Saunton Sands..


Saunton Sands 002 Wm


The beach there is absolutely stunning.

Next time!