Keyhole Surgery

The bank 6 Wm


 The Precipitous Bank, this weekend.


The bank 3 Wm


The Precipitous Bank, back in June


It’s not a done deal by any means, but it is coming on.

The constant effort needed to remain aloft has strained muscles in the weirdest of places. But I’ve cleared a vast quantity of weed and revealed the old structure beneath. There are a couple of berberis hedges which need to stay for now. They’re holding back the soil. They could be further reduced in height though and I’m tempted to make a return visit with the shears.

Over time some of the ferns will probably get shifted. We’re a bit top heavy on those. But the main job for autumn is to replant.


Have I mentioned the wire?

Our predecessor tried to stabilise the slope by covering it in chicken wire. How effective this has been is open to doubt. The soil fell down behind the wire and collects in a bulge at the bottom. The weeds continued their onward march regardless and grew up through. Imagine the fun to be had, trying to tease a large root ball through your average chicken wire sized hole.

Keyhole surgery. Hard on the nails.


The bank 7 Wm


Looking along the face of the bank, this weekend.


The bank 2 Wm


 The same view taken at about this time last year.

The wire is applied most assiduously at this end of the slope. And much of the greenery you see above is ground elder. I don’t suppose for a minute I got every bit out. But maybe the presence of the mesh might at least restrict the activity of the mice?



Oh, don’t I wish.


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