Caught: Red Footed

Cucumber 003 Wm


Cucumber Zeina F1


In the greenhouse..

I have cucumbers growing out of my ears. Only Mike eats them and we are seriously into a glut. At least a dozen so far have ended up on the compost heap and still they keep coming. They have started to colonise the roof..


Chilli 001 Wm


Chilli Pepper ‘Summer Heat’ F1

The chilli plants are coming on well too.



Tomato Sungold

We have been harvesting cherry tomatoes for about a month now and still they’re going strong. Again, more than Mike can eat. But does this mean he’s prepared to share?


Mouse & Tomatoes 001 Wm


I’d started to notice a cache in one corner of the greenhouse. Time for a stake out.

Although I’m pretty sure already who is going to carry the can..


Mouse & Tomatoes 002 Wm




Mouse & Tomatoes 003 Wm


“Yum Yum”


Mouse & Tomatoes 004 Wm


“But don’t you be getting that camera too close to me now..”


Mouse & Tomatoes 005 Wm