Floppy Disk

This is what the BBC might refer to as a ‘library photo’. Meaning you may have seen it before.

It’s the only computer related shot I could find. It isn’t even strictly relevant to this sad and sorry tale, because the mouse belongs to my Mac. Mike’s computer is (was) a Windows PC. But for the time being at least I cannot provide you with another. You see, it is he who has (had) the Nikon software that processes the digital image once it has left the camera. It is he who has (had) the copy of Photoshop which adjusts, crops and sizes the picture and provides the watermark that I often use.

Mike calls it ‘accident prone’.

I call it clumsy.

I believe my American friends call it ‘Klutz’.

Whatever the terminology, Mike can now tell you that a gin & tonic and a laptop do not mix.

I hope that for the next post normal service can be resumed. The bill so far is £850. That doesn’t include the petrol for the 6 hour return trip to Bristol. In Bank Holiday traffic.

And now he says he needs a drink.

Best avoid Gin Sling.