Previously, on the riverbank..

Stumps were called with four posts in the ground. Both of us were bearing the scars.. the horse flies are horrendous down there. Add to that the one of us who stopped the sledgehammer with her foot.

I suggested that perhaps I should hold the poles for a bit and he wield the hammer. But then my wellies sprung a leak..


Erosion defences 003 Wm


There’s been a lot of rain. Is it just me or is the river level starting to rise?


Erosion defences 005 Wm


Mike spent the best part of a week collecting stones, farther and farther up and down stream. A dry stone wall in the making. Well, dry for now.


Erosion defences 007 Wm


And then finally, yesterday, it was done.

Yours truly returned, with a few ferns, to make it feel at home. Let’s see the water shift that then.


Erosion defences 008 Wm