I love these guys..

Alpaca 001 Wm


Alpacas at the North Devon Show


Yesterday we had an early start. Very early.

Mike wanted to be there first thing. I was shaken awake with threats of the duvet being ripped away. Again. And that despite my protestations that the 8.00 a.m. doors opening was meant for the animals, not for us.

In the end we left home about three quarters of an hour late. We pulled into the showground car park to be directed across a very large field. In the dim distance I could see about one row of cars. We were among the very first to arrive.


Alpaca 004 Wm


Alpacas seem such gentle animals, even if they can kick. And spit.

They tend to be nervous and need the company of others, these two particularly so. In the presence of any ‘threat’, a screaming kid or even Mike’s camera, they would retreat to the back of their pen and twine their necks in the most endearing way.


Cows 010 Wm


A gorgeous Jersey calf, difficult to photograph with a very protective Mum


Sheep 001 Wm


Fluffy faced sheep


Ducks 001 Wm


Couldn’t miss these guys. Indian Runner ducks


Peafowl 001 Wm


Peafowl, doing their best to hide in the decorative backdrop to their pen.

The leaves were also providing some shade. It turned out to be quite a hot day.


North Devon Show 002 Wm


Plenty to watch in the arenas… tractor pull


North Devon Show 006 Wm


Show jumping


Ducks 004 Wm


Duck herding


North Devon show 001 Wm


Food halls groaning with produce and other locally produced fare.


North Devon Show 004 Wm


Mike made a beeline for these..


North Devon Show 005 Wm


It took a while..


I retreated back to the alpaca tent.


Alpaca 006 Wm




I found a local supplier of alpaca yarn. It is so unbelievably soft. If that doesn’t get me back to knitting I don’t know what will.


By the time we left, that very large car park was filled to the back.

95% of the visitors had arrived later than us and yet more were still coming through the gate. UK Prime Minister David Cameron was among the early spectators too. I’d have looked out for him if I’d known. But I didn’t. And anyway, by then I’d already found the flower tent.


North Devon Show 008 Wm