On The Plot

Top raised bed Wm


 The raised beds look so much better this year. Positively productive.

Amazing what a bit of good weather can do.


 Bottom raised bed Wm


 Brassicas growing happily in their cage.

Not a single caterpillar to be found.


 Broccoli Wm


 Calabrese ‘Belstar’

It won’t be long until we are harvesting these.


 Lettuces etc Wm


 Colour in the salad bed.

I’ll try sowing more in the gaps when the temperature drops a bit.


 Potato flower Wm


 Potato Sarpo ‘Axona’

As it turned out, I could probably have got away without resorting to blight resistant potatoes..


 Tomato 003 Wm


 Tomato ‘Suncherry’

..but a late decision to grow some tomatoes outside has paid off.


 Cucumber 002 Wm


 Cucumber ‘Zeina’

The best year yet for cucumbers in the greenhouse.

Only Mike eats them. He can’t keep up.


Jumble of peas Wm


 Mangetout ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’

We’ve had a glut of mange tout. They are almost over now, but I wish I could find a way to keep them properly supported. However I have grown them, peas sticks included, the result is just a mess. And it’s difficult to pick. Anyone found a better solution?


Bolted spinach Wm


Spinach ‘Fiorano’

Who knew spinach could be over a metre high?

I think they may have bolted!