It’s been hot. Not that I’m complaining.

But it makes it difficult to keep on working, especially as the Precipitous Bank is a south facing slope. So I’ve divided the two hours spent weed clearing into two separate sessions. An hour and a half first thing in the morning, an hour and a half late afternoon. Maths was never my strong point.


 Progress so far Wm


It’s coming on.

This is the view down the bank, from the drive at the top. From this angle you can see just how far it is down. The huge heap of earth at the bottom is from the hole for the water treatment plant. We’ve still to find another place to put it!


 Still to come Wm


And this is the current battlefront.

The bit to tackle next.


With many thanks to all who ventured a suggestion as to the identity of my unknown plant. The mystery is solved.


 Ixia Hogarth Wm


 Ixia Hogarth

Isn’t she a beauty?