Murder and Moor

Greenway 003 Wm


Yesterday we went to Greenway, the late murder mystery writer Agatha Christie’s summer residence on the south coast of Devon, now cared for by the National Trust.

It’s not a place you can just drop in to on passing. This trip has to be planned. Driving to Greenway is not actively encouraged and having done it I can maybe see why. The last few miles through narrow village and country lanes are fairly tortuous. But arriving by boat is a no-no for me and, quaint as it is, we didn’t want to be tied to the schedule of the bus.


Greenway 010 Wm[1]


So driving it was. The car park has to be pre-booked. Once at the gatehouse though, how welcoming they are. The cheerful gate keeper not only had our booking, but knew about our lunch reservation too: lunch served in the old kitchen of the house itself, complete with Aga.


Greenway 002 Wm


It’s so easy to imagine Agatha relaxing here. The only Body In The Library is a first edition copy of her book. Thank goodness. (Photography is not allowed inside.)

The gardens and grounds are set out across a steep slope. Ah-ha.. inspiration here perhaps?


Greenway 009 Wm


Paths zig zag up and down the hill, through areas like the Camellia garden. The planting is naturalistic and soft, much of the slope having been left to grow wild. Grasses and ivy abound.


Greenway 005 Wm


Down to the boathouse and battery, for gorgeous views across the river Dart.


Greenway 008 Wm


Back up to the walled garden and the peach house.

And from there, across the top of the estate for the most glorious view of all..


Greenway 006 Wm


The Dart estuary, looking down towards Dartmouth.

Can you see the puff of smoke above the wooded headland centre left? It comes from a train on the Dartmouth steam railway. We stood for awhile and watched it make its way across the front of the hill.


It was such a fine sunny day that we added an extra excursion to our trip, a drive across Dartmoor.

For Em:


Dartmoor Ponies 001 Wm


Dartmoor Ponies 003 Wm


Dartmoor ponies, so cute!


Dartmoor Sheep 001 Wm


Do you like my new look?


Dartmoor 003 Wm


A great way to finish the day.