Does It Get Any Tougher?

Extreme gardening.

Now that some of the weeds have gone, you can see more easily just how steep this slope is, especially the lower half. It expends so much of my energy just climbing around it and then staying upright, never mind clearing the soil. But I am making progress, if you compare with the ‘before’ picture we took last week:


The bank 3 Wm


There is still a long way to go. The large ‘shrub’ closest to the house is a sprouting sycamore tree stump, I need to do something about that. And source the plants that will go back in. But it’s a start. A couple of hours a day on that slope is just about enough.


Woodpecker 023 Wm


The woodpecker chicks are growing up fast, constantly swooping around the garden with their distinctive loud chirps. I have seen three of them now. They are sneaky. Having mastered the feeders they’re quite capable of finding food any time they like. But as soon as Woodrow appears they go straight back into baby mode again, perching on the pole of the bird table and calling out for food. Why put in the effort when Dad can do all the hard work?


Unknown plant Wm


Does anyone know what this is?

It’s come up in one of the terraced borders, not something I’ve grown before. It would appear to be a bulb of some sort, with long narrow leaves. One of the very few to avoid the attentions of the mice.


And at last it would appear that good weather is on the way. Enjoy!