Oh Well Done Woodrow..

Woodpecker 016 Wm


Great Spotted Woodpecker and chick


..Mrs W too, of course.

They’ve been working so hard over the last couple of weeks, the never ending relay to and from the bird table, collecting food for their chicks. Mike’s bonfires have been banned. Ever since the wind blew the smoke down the valley and too close to the nest hole. And it’s cost us a fortune in fat balls and nuts.


Woodpecker 018 Wm


But this week we’ve had the reward. There are at least two chicks, one has a slightly more prominent red cap than the other.


Woodpecker 015 Wm


Woodpeckers are nervous birds at the best of times. With chicks they are very wary indeed.

There is quite a bit of movement and the light over the past couple of days has not been great, so apologies if one or two of the images are a little blurred.


Woodpecker 019 Wm


But they are such fun to watch, childlike and skittish, darting around between the branches.. getting in a spot of practice with that awesome beak.

We may have a few more holes in the trees than we did.