The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Tomato 002 Wm


It’s been a productive weekend. I hope the weather has been good for you too.

In the greenhouse things are finally looking up. Baby tomatoes are beginning to appear.


Cucumber Wm


Cucumbers too.


And at the third time of asking, a decent batch of beans.

At last. Hasn’t it been (sorry!) such a difficult year to get things to grow?


Beans 001 Wm


Perhaps it was meant to be. With successional sowing I will avoid a glut.




But it’s not all sweetness and light.

Remember the Christmas Tree we dug up last year?


Christmas Tree 5 Wm


It doesn’t look as though it has survived.





And then there is the yew tree.

It had got to the point, almost, of us having to walk sideways down the path. Apparently they can grow back from very heavy pruning. Even extreme pruning, down to the trunk. I hope so because I’d really like to save it..


Yew tree Wm


Failing that, garden sculpture perhaps?