Inspiration. And Cake.

We’ve had a rare day out.

Docton Mill Gardens on the Hartland peninsula. Nestling in the bottom of a woodland valley, albeit closer to the coast, I hoped it might have a similar microclimate to mine.

And according to their website, voted best tearoom in Devon too.


Bog Garden Wm


The shady bog garden.

Ferns, astrantias, hostas and candelabra primulas flourish in the permanently damp conditions. Hurrah, damp shade I can do. But will it ever end up looking as good as this?


Bluebells 002 Wm


Rustic steps down the hillside and the quite amazing bluebell walk.


Rhododendron 001 Wm


 Rhododendrons in bud


 Fern 003 Wm


 Shuttlecock ferns, emerging into the dappled sun


 Docton 003 Wm


 The garden has been developed around an old water mill. The sound of the water is never far away.


Poppy Wm


Mixed borders in the sunnier part of the garden.

A dramatic combination of colour and shape, poppies in bud against the striking leaves of the phormium.


Docton 002 Wm


 Docton 001 Wm


 Allium 001 Wm


Colourful borders alongside the leat.

Yep, plenty of inspiration here.


And the cake?


 Teashop Wm


Coffee and walnut.

A bit of Mike’s Devon Cream Tea too..

Yum Yum.


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