Fruit. A Ladder. And A Bill.

This week I have been weeding inside the fruit cage.

We have the makings of a fine harvest in there. Five well established redcurrant bushes, heaving with developing fruit. I would love to say it was my expert pruning of these previously overgrown shrubs, but it’s probably just a good year. Plus there are two large blueberry bushes, covered in flowers and buzzing with bees.

Just before we moved in I purchased some Tulameen raspberry canes, our favourite variety. They’ve been heeled into a remote corner of the old veggie patch ever since. High time they were transplanted into the cage. And a simple enough job you might think. We already have a selection of poles and some sturdy wire for the support: it should cost absolutely nothing. Perfect.


Raspberry supports Wm


So I asked Mike if he’d help me bang the poles into the ground. For some reason we have to use poles that are about twice the required height. So tall in fact that it is necessary to remove the roof of the cage and stand on top of a step ladder to hammer them in. The ground is uneven..

It is all looking very precarious..

The ladder starts to sway..

It is fortunate really that the ground was still soft from being dug over. Mike ended up on his back with his feet in the air, tangled in what remained of the ladder and two sides of the fruit cage.

Bill so far? £200.

I have been told, more than once, that the lady from the fruit cage company was far more sympathetic than me. But then she can’t possibly know what I have to put up with.


Fruit Cage Wm[1]